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Why choose Addictive Ai Games Token

AAG eliminate the need for multiple in-game currencies or external payment methods, streamlining transactions and enhancing the player experience.

Developers can generate revenue through initial token sales, transaction fees, and value-added services, potentially reducing reliance on traditional monetization methods. : Gamification of earning and spending AAG could lead to increased engagement and participation in games.

AAG could lead to collaborative ecosystems where players, developers, and other stakeholders actively contribute to the growth and sustainability of the gaming industry.



Total supply of 10,000,000 AAG

Tax: buy 5% & sell 5%

Road Map

Addictive AI Games Tokens Roadmap as
Universal Currency for Games

Q3 2022
Conceptualization and Research
Q4 2022
Technical Development and Testing
Q1 2023
Testing and Optimization
Q2 2023
Deployment and Adoption
Q3 2023
Regulation and Compliance
Q4 2023
Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Aksed Questions

Please check our FAQ.

01. What Is Addictive Ai Games Token ?

Addictive AI Games Tokens (AAG) as a universal currency aims to address these challenges by providing players with a unified medium of exchange and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

02. What Is The Total Market Supply Of AAG Tokens?

The total supply is 10 million AAG on Binance Smart Chain.

03.In Which Network Is Addictive Ai Games Token Going To Be Built?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

05. Do You Have A Community?

Yes, we do, Telegram, Reddit, Youtube and Twitter.

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